Research and development

◈ Research and development

⊙  Introduction to Laboratory

       Development of technology and development of professional manpower for the purpose of research           on the development of eco-friendly kitchenware 

⊙ Research results

  • Blade Processing Technology: TAPER GRINDING Technology - The Most Important Technology of Knife
  • Ink Solution Manufacturing Technology
  • Silk Screen Printing Technology and Printer Technology
  • Diamond Coating Technology (DLC Coating Technology)
  • Ceramic Coating Technology
  • Anti-rust surface heat treatment coating technology
  • Korea's First Rose Knife Developer

◈ Management ideology

◈ Social contribution

Warm Chelling's Corporate Culture Living with Neighbors

To be a chelling that you can live with your neighbors.
By returning some of the company's profits to the community every year,
As a company of sharing, we are practicing it ourselves.